2024 Audio System Wish List


I’ve been doing this for years now- and it’s time for our 2024 wish list!

In 2023 I explored the world of room treatment and purchased a modest amount of products from GIK and Acoustimac, and for an approximate $400 investment, I was extremely satisfied how it really helped my music listening experience- far more than any $400 cable ever has.

My goal for 2024, as it has been for a number of years now, is to explore and add more music. Streaming has been a fantastic way of exploring new to me music, and in some instances after streaming an album, I also wound up buying it on vinyl.

I will probably add some more room treatment, but not much more.

What’s your audio goal for 2024? A new preamp? A DAC? More music?

Enjoy 🥂



I owned a set of Sistrum SP101 stands for about 14 years and loved them under my large floorstanders. I sold the speakers and thought that I wouldn't need them since I planned on stand mounts, but the plan changed after I sold them, and I'm back to floorstanding speakers, so I need a new set. I wish that they were more affordable, but they are so worth the price.

@tksteingraber +1. Only mine is a phono Preamp ordered Jan 6 2022. We are close buddy!  At least part way up the first page!!  I’m told it’s worth the wait! 


I hope someone puts a great deal like I got two times over from the same guy. On my double racks I have 6 Sistrum platforms and 6 of the rods and it cost me about $2300 total. The same fellow contacted me when he had 2 more and I bought those for under $800 and later swapped them for many of Krissy’s products that make a significant upgrade in sound in all ways to any system. It benefitted both of us and neither of us paid for something besides the shipping of the stuff we were getting. I love those kind of deals.  Robert Maicks at Live Vibe is a great guy to work with and I've ordered quite a few things from him over the years.


I'll play.  I have finished up my theater, which doubles as a 2 channel listening room also.  My children are in high school, so will be an empty nester in the next couple of years.  Time to turn the game room into a dedicated 2 channel listening room.  I will start to piecemeal a really good system to work with my Focal Sopra 3 and Bryston amp.  In 2024 I will get a Streamer.  Roku just doesn't do it justice.