2024 Audio System Wish List


I’ve been doing this for years now- and it’s time for our 2024 wish list!

In 2023 I explored the world of room treatment and purchased a modest amount of products from GIK and Acoustimac, and for an approximate $400 investment, I was extremely satisfied how it really helped my music listening experience- far more than any $400 cable ever has.

My goal for 2024, as it has been for a number of years now, is to explore and add more music. Streaming has been a fantastic way of exploring new to me music, and in some instances after streaming an album, I also wound up buying it on vinyl.

I will probably add some more room treatment, but not much more.

What’s your audio goal for 2024? A new preamp? A DAC? More music?

Enjoy 🥂


I have coveted the Jay’s Audio CDT2 transport for several years and now I finally have one on order. This will replace my Audiolab 6000CDT and will force a re-listen of my 2500+ Redbook CDs 😀.

1. Replace wifi extender with ethernet cable to streamer

2. Upgrade and reclock wifi router and get new linear power supply

3. Purchase Uptone EtherREGEN Gen2

This year I bought 4 new Audioquest Dragon PCs. 2) source Audio Research REF 9 CDP and Audio Research Ref 6SE and 2) HC for my Audio Research REF 750s. Next I want to buy 2 pairs of Audio quest Dragon XLR ICs 2 for my Audio Research CD9 and 2 for my REF 750s. Gonna be a nice step up from my Straightwire Crescendo.

My system is sounding really good, so I have been buying music. Trying some new artists and albums I have never listened to from old favorites. It's time to sit back and enjoy the music!