20A P.C. Recomendations for Rowland Model 6 Monos.

Which power cords have other Rowland Model 6, 2, 8 owners found to enhance the resolution of these classic amplifiers ??
Raquel: I do, in fact, run them with the BPS-6 battery supplies. They DO sound better on most material- typically very dynamic large scale classical or other dynamic selections at HIGH volume - running DC rather than AC. I question whether I'm extracting the last bit of detail and resolution when playing running them on batteries with less demanding music- jazz, female vocal. SO, the question is- how would they sound with some hot-rod cords running AC ?? Regardless of this "tweaking" question, these are absolutely remarkable amps for the money.
I have the model 9 with BPS and i use the Voodoo Mana from Bruce.
This cable has 8AWG wire inside.
I bought this cable because it has no power restriction.
I talked to Jeff Rowland and our importer in the Netherlands and they said that with BPS: powercord does not matter.
When run from the batteries, the A/C line is literally disconnected from the battery /amp. It would therefore make no difference what kind of cord is used when you are in D/C mode (nor would the cord help or hurt the ability of the battery to charge -- any power cord would suffice for charging).

I agree that the Model 6's (and 8/9ti), when run from batteries, are supurb amps. I tend to avoid comparing well-made equipment, but am confident, based upon my friends' experience and my own experience, that the only current production solid-state amp that is clearly better than that vintage of Rowland amps is the darTZeel, and the few amps that are marginally better are all much more expensive (Gryphon, Boulder, Lamm and Tenor come to mind, which are either biased in Class A and will roast you out of the room, and/or use tubes in their input stages and therefore cheat).
Raquel: The question I'm trying to get comments on is this- Let's say that I have a pair of Model 6's and NO BATTERY POWER SUPPLIES. Which aftermarket power cords have owners found to enhance their performance run straight out of the wall??