25 year old polk 2.3's will I hear an improvement?

I am considering upgrading my 25 year old Polk 2.3 SDA speakers to something such as Wilson Sophia, Krell Resolution 2 or Usher Dancers. I have already upgraded the tweeters in the Polks and was very pleased with the difference. Over the years I have upgraded amp to Aragon 8008BB and source to NorthStar trans and DAC and also noticed improvement.
I live in a rural area and am willing to travel 8 hours round trip to hear new speakers but very little chance I can hear them at home before purchase.
Please, oh wise one's anyone make a similar upgrade and were happy or not with thier purchase? If happy, what type of improvement might I expect? Thanks
I am being seduced! Since I haven't heard any of the products except my own, I have been going on the glowing reports of stupendous sound in the reviews and adds. Just for fun I pulled the original Polk reviews from decades ago - same language "Audio Video Grand Prix Winner", "Mind boggling powers of sonic persuasion, spectacular, astounding, no compromise" - High Fidelity Mag, etc. even the photos of the big black speakers look cool under soft red light from the side.
I told me wife - "These mags create lust". She looked up knowingly from her New Homes magazine - I am in trouble.
I guess we all like to be seduced, at least until morning.
There are time tested crossover upgrades for your speakers that will put even more emphasis into Jaybo's statement. Email sent.
Mejames--perhaps in another setting, but given their "omnipolar" design, not where Gammajo has them placed in his room.
Well, I finally went to Vegas and heard the Sophia's with quality Marantz gear, and the Krell Resolution2's with Krell gear, both in quality listening rooms.
Here are my own impressions. Both are excellent.With amazingly clear detail and fast attack on the Sophia and they also sounded accurate but thin in the base to my ears - overall a bit dry. The Krells were very engaging but not as accurate. Summary - I know the rooms and equipment are different but my home system with the Polks sounds better in many ways with orchestral and rock, and the perhaps the Sophia's with simpler music. Overall I think that the Polks are more satisfying - just wish that I could shrink their size:) Given that I can not at this time justify speakers such as the Wilson Maxx 2, I will keep the Polks. So I will be going ahead with crossover upgrades, and ic and speaker wire and isolation products and see where I end up.