2A3 Tube Opinions

Looking to add a pair of 2A3's for my amps that are full/meaty leaning towards the vintage sound.  Currently running EML Solid Plates and love them, but looking for more weight to the sound.  Thanks for any advice.
I use the Thoress pre with everything.  It's really pretty equally split among amps.  I just got a pair of Sophia Electric 300B amps that are getting some serious air time right now.  Not sure where they rank in the world of 300B amps, but it sounds so good last couple days I hesitate to mess with anything. 
Hello Arthur,
 The Sophia Electric 300b has earned a reputation for excellent sound quality, natural is a word often used. It sounds as though your SET amps are driving the big Tannoys pretty well based on your comments.
Lets see, Thoress 845, Sophia 300b, Found Music 2A3 and  the SS Dartzeel.
No doubt you are enjoying audio bliss!
I've been really impressed with the Sophia.  Since I added the Swarm subs and lightened the load on the SET amps, I really am loving all of them.  I sold the Dartzeel and am contemplating either vintage Mac 225 or something from the EL34 family, as a change of pace.

P.S.  You left out the Line Magnetic, also SET...   :-)
I really might have an issue...
Hi Arthur, 
I didn't mean to exclude the Line Magnetic amplifier.  I was under the impression that you had sold it. You don't have an "issue" just exceptionally  good taste 😊.  Selling the Dartzeel is a bit of a surprise. 
Art, when Jeff Day (Positive Feedback online) reviewed the Sophia 300b SET he was using the same speakers as you.  He was absolutely giddy in his praise of this pairing. So I can understand your enthusiasm. 

Regarding el 34 amplifiers I heard a Jadis this year at Axpona and it was "very" good sounding. I'm partial to SETs  but I could certainly be happy with the Jadis given what I heard.