2A3 Tube Opinions

Looking to add a pair of 2A3's for my amps that are full/meaty leaning towards the vintage sound.  Currently running EML Solid Plates and love them, but looking for more weight to the sound.  Thanks for any advice.
Hi Larryi,
In general terms I understand that the 45 tube has a tighter or more  controlled bass reproduction than the 300b.  I've also have discovered that there's a spectrum of bass performance across different brands of these tubes. I can confirm this having the opportunity to hear 11 brands of the 300b in my amplifiers. 

Furthermore the bass quality of a 300b SET amplifier varies quite noticeably depending on make and model.  There are a multitude of choices in regards to this genre of amplifiers  (as I am certain that you know this). I've always respected your opinions and listening perspectives.  Concerning the Sophia Electric 300b amplifier I haven't heard it but via word of mouth and reviews it's said to be very good sounding (They offer various levels of this amplifier based on output transformer selection).  It apparently is an exceptional  match it seems with Arthur's Tannoys. As is always the case in these matters YMMV.
... contemplating either vintage Mac 225 or something from the EL34 family, as a change of pace.
If you may be considering a vintage EL34-based amp I doubt that you could do better than a pair of Marantz 2 monoblocks.  Although of course they appear for sale only rarely, and are quite expensive.  I owned a pair during the 1990s, and they handily bested the legendary and considerably more expensive Marantz 9 monoblocks I also owned around the same time (although it's possible that condition might have been a factor in that).

I've never heard a Mac 225, but I suspect it would also be a fine choice.  As you are no doubt aware it is considered by many to be the best sounding amp McIntosh has ever produced.  Perhaps not coincidentally, I believe it was the only consumer-oriented separate (non-integrated) power amp McIntosh produced using the 7591 output tube.

Good luck.  Regards,
-- Al
Thanks Al - I will check out the 2.  And well aware of the 225, looking forward
to hearing it in my room soon, if it's as good as I think it will be, then the 225 will be home.  :-)
I've not tried very many 2A3 tubes in my Welborne Labs Moondogs , but the best sound I got was with the " mesh Plate " Sophia Electric 300B with 2.5 volt filaments that work in any 2A3 amplifier . More of everything compared with either of the NOS I tried or the Shuguang 2A3c . The driver tube has a lot to do with the sound, as do the coupling capacitors . But the latter aren't plug n play .  FWIW
Reviving this thread. I just got two (well three but I dropped one and it was damaged) 2a3 tubes from a swap meet. One is a RCA/Cunningham mono black plate and the other is dual box plate Raytheon. Are these good 2a3's? Is there a place in Los Angeles that will test them for a fee?