2a3 ?

I see that the 300b tube gets a lot of love here, do we have any 2a3 fans? I owned a pair of George Wright monos several years ago and I’m leaning that direction again. I’m also giving thought to the Coincident 300b stereo which certainly seems good value although the price of admission for quality tubes is steep. Any of my speakers are efficient enough for either option. 


I love the 2a3 tube I have a pair of George Wright monos myself and love them. Clean and clear sounding but still natural and warm they drive my Audio Note AN-J's perfectly.

Very much looking forward to reading people’s experiences. I recently picked up a Sony TC500a R2R portable player. Bought it to harvest the transformers and the speaker drivers. 

Trying to figure out if I want to build a 1626, 45 or 2A3 with the transformers. 

leaning towards the 2A3/45 option. 


When my local Audio Note desler first set up the ultra expensive AN-E SEC, he chose Audio Note’s Kageki (parallel SET 2a3 amp).  He used the same amp when setting up the top AN-J model.  The sound of both speakers was magnificent.

i own the Kageki and like it, although these days I run my pushpull 349 amp.