2ch amp and HT receiver connected to same speakers

I listen to 95% music and 5% home theater. My 2ch system is a BAT pre and a Bryston amp, and I have an Integra receiver for theater. My BAT has a HT pass-through function, so that I can run my LR speakers off my Bryston amp. This setup causes a ground loop, however, and I've given up trying to eliminate it. So I wonder if I can connect both my 2ch amp and the LR outputs of my receiver to my speakers. Would this harm my amp (especially the Bryston)? Would it hurt the sound quality of my music? Thanks for any comments.
DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!

The amps will shunt each other and possibly damage each other.

Either get a good switch or figure out a cure to the ground loop.

Install banana plugs on your cables for a quick disconnect when you switch between systems. Never run with both connected at the same time.
This is an excerpt from audioreview.com forums.

Niles SPK-1 Amplifier selector


Well I finally found the solution to my dilema of wanting to run 2 amplifiers on one set of spealkers. I wanted to run a HT receiver form multichannel and a 2ch amp for stereo music using the same speakers, To do this you usually have to have a preamp with a HT bypass or set up a tape loop. However, I found this product by niles audio, its an amplifier switcher and its good up to 600wpc and is 12v triggered, for only $95.

Niles SPK-1 www.nilesaudio.com/images/PDF/SPK-1_Cutsheet.pdf

Now the question is, can I hook up my zone 2 of my AV receiver'2 preamp and use this as the 2ch side with a dedicated 2ch power amp. I'll be calling Niles and Adcom on this one.