2k to 4k Streaming DAC

I have a Anthem STR Integrated amp with floor standing Focal Aria 936 speakers. I have been using a Oppo BD-105 for streaming Tidal via XLR. I had a Pro-Ject Pre Box 2 Digital that I hooked up to the Anthem via RCA out and used a laptop to stream Tidal Masters and it sounded a whole lot better. I want to use an ipad to stream Tidal MQA files and think a new DAC with streaming would do that. I have read about Mytek and Element X.Are there others I should look at.
what’s your budget for the DAC?  
New or used?  
Is MQA a requirement?
Teac NT-505 is highly recommend ! I have one for about six months with V1.22 firmware update Installed from Japanese website. The new (White) control App from Linn is just excellent with it. 
I have been using Tidal for about 3 years now. MQA files do sound better to me when I use them. I want to find a very good DAC that has a really good sounding Streamer built in to use as a one box solution. I have not really tried other streaming services yet. I do know I don't want to use my laptop going into USB. My only experience so far is with Pro-Ject  Pre Box 2. To me it sounds better than the Oppo Bd-105. Again I have a budget between 2k to 4k. Thanks for all the replies.
I purchased an Innuos Zen Mini with the optional LPS about a year ago. It is the first streamer and DAC I have ever owned. It sounds pretty darned good, but this is my n=1. Innuos does not have its own streamer software, so I first used iPENG, and now I use Roon.