2nd system for office, all-in-one integrated suggestions

Hi everyone, I'm looking for recommendations on an all-in-one integrated for a second system at work. My overall all-in budget is $4000 (including cables). I'll be using the Elac debut 2.0 speakers to start. The goal of the system is mainly streaming but I'll need MM/MC capabilities. I could do a separate phono stage at some point, but prefer something built in for now to keep the system clean. I'm looking at the Rega P1 with an updated Hana cartridge (my home rig is a P10 outfitted with a Hana Umami Red). I'll be using AQ cabling. I feel like this price point is difficult because of the vast number of options. My rig at home is very transparent, dynamic, maybe just toward the warm side of neutral. I have all tubes at home but would like solid state just for convenience for this system, but nothing too analytical sounding. Thanks for the suggestions


The BELLES ARIA @ $2200 or the Musical Fidelity at $2600 M6....both are excellent sounding....My Belles has been replaced by an Aavik. I'd sell for $1600....9-10/ 10 like new.

i've heard the cambridge evo and it's good....nad c368 is another option for an all-in-one unit--it has a phono stage and a streaming module.

A few really good recent offerings. The NAD I think more enjoyable compared to some of their more expensive options. 

NAD C 3050

Cabasse Abyss 


Staying within your stated budget, $4000 all-in, I suggest a Peachtree Carina 300, which has a phono stage, an ample 300WPC and is, of course, a one box integrated with dual DACs. All you will need will be your streamer and the speakers and TT you mentioned.

@elliottbnewcombjr nice looking office system. I have something similar but I have the Magnepan LRS+ speakers behind me without any obstruction from my 6 monitors. I have a SilentPC.

Have you ever considered rotating your desk so your monitor is not between your ears and speaker?