2nd systems- who’s got one?

How prevalent are 2nd systems? My sense is that a fair number of folks have a 2nd system. I put together a very nice bedroom system- NAD 316 bee V2, Node (n130) and Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 on Monoprice stands. Cabling is DH labs (IC), Supra (speaker) and Audioquest (pc on Node). Frankly, I’d have been thrilled as a teen to have a system that sounds as good as my bedroom system

Another NAD C 316 BEE V2 user in a 2nd system here…….Klipsch RP 600 M speakers using Canare 4S11 in 8 ft runs. Front end is an Apple Airport Express streaming Tidal…….definitely looking to upgrade to a more modern streamer-and DAC at <$1000 US sometime in the not too distant future but LOVING this setup right now. It does seem to benefit from a good bit of speaker placement/room treatment tweaking…

2nd in den, Cxnv2 with Modwright tube upgrade, Melody/Onix h6550 integrated tube amplifier,Klipsch 12" sub and 2 separate runs AQ Rocket 44 feeding  Kef R11 speakers. 

I have a second system and a garage system. I have been looking for a pair of older Klipsch for my garage but they cant be found at reasonable prices these days.