2nd systems- who’s got one?

How prevalent are 2nd systems? My sense is that a fair number of folks have a 2nd system. I put together a very nice bedroom system- NAD 316 bee V2, Node (n130) and Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 on Monoprice stands. Cabling is DH labs (IC), Supra (speaker) and Audioquest (pc on Node). Frankly, I’d have been thrilled as a teen to have a system that sounds as good as my bedroom system

We remodeled our basement a year ago and my wife said we should include a system there. The main system upstairs is based on a powerful solid state amp so I wanted to do something different but very basic. It consists of a Black Ice Audio Jolida Fusion F22 with KT150's, a Bluesound node and a pair of Legacy Signature III's that I picked up from a buddy of mine. I was listening to it last night thinking how I could upgrade and then stopped myself and thought, nah!

5 systems in 2 houses…..don’t piss me off or I’ll start in with the garages

I have 5 systems in my house. Bedroom, office, living room, bonus room and garage. I think I’m running out of rooms. 😂.  

Lol the main system is mark Levinson 33h mono blocks harbeth slh5 speakers a Ayre k1xe pre a Mr 71 McIntosh tuner a audio research reference phono stage a Linn lp 12 and a sonic frontier transport and DAC three. The dinning room system has a pair of equation 25 speakers and a pair of canary ca160 monoblocks with a canary ca801 preamplifier and a Krell kps20i and a McIntosh mr73 tuner. The home theater has a set of neat speakers a mad home theater receiver a Sony blue ray. Bedroom has a set of some phase speakers a melody h88 amp and a Wadia cd 6.  The bathroom has a set of in wall kef speakers a 32 inch tv hooked to an aa001 tube amp in the hallway and a Sony es blu ray. The garage has a aa001 amp a set of kilpch Cornwall's and a anthem six disc player the patio has a pair of wires on kef in wall speakers that is driven by the mad home theater system. The front garage has a Rotel player and a Kenwood integrated amplifier waiting for speakers for that one. 


Lol regards.