2nd systems- who’s got one?

How prevalent are 2nd systems? My sense is that a fair number of folks have a 2nd system. I put together a very nice bedroom system- NAD 316 bee V2, Node (n130) and Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 on Monoprice stands. Cabling is DH labs (IC), Supra (speaker) and Audioquest (pc on Node). Frankly, I’d have been thrilled as a teen to have a system that sounds as good as my bedroom system

Actually 4, I won't get into a long list of components, but living room, bedroom, office(spare bedroom), and last, the garage. 

NAD 316 bee integrated, Marantz St 6000 tuner, Design 5 speakers, Mapleshade speaker wire, vintage Rotel RCD 950 CD player. For around a grand this system punches way, way above it weight class. Perhaps I should say “it sounds way better than you would expect for the money spent.”

Everyone needs a second system for the hand-me-downs from the first system.

I had the makings of a second system, but lent my stand mounts and stands to a good friend who’s been letting me build diffusers at his cabinet making factory.
Some of you may know that I used to build speakers for a designer in Australia.
When I got confirmation that Mike my former boss would create a new design that I could build, I was happy to give the mighty little speakers to my local audiophile friend, with no expectation of return. Where I live, raised trucks and guns are the main hobbies, not many audiophile in West Texas I’m afraid.

I’m waiting for the latest design to finalise so that I can make some two way stand mounts here in Texas, and I will use my current ML2 as hand-me-downs for a second system to replace the (Oh, I’m so going to lose credibility here) Bose speakers in my lounge room servicing the TV.

twoleftears is right, repurposing equipment is a great idea.

Main 2 ch System: in dedicated, purpose built room

2nd: HT/2ch in den

3rd: 2 ch home office 

And yes, there has been a "trickle down" or repurposing element in effect...