2nd systems- who’s got one?

How prevalent are 2nd systems? My sense is that a fair number of folks have a 2nd system. I put together a very nice bedroom system- NAD 316 bee V2, Node (n130) and Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 on Monoprice stands. Cabling is DH labs (IC), Supra (speaker) and Audioquest (pc on Node). Frankly, I’d have been thrilled as a teen to have a system that sounds as good as my bedroom system

2nd system in my beach home.  It’s not the biggest room so went with Paradigm Persona B speakers and an Anthem STR Integrated.  Streaming through an Innuos ZEN Mini MK3.  

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Main -

Bel Canto E1X integrated amp/dac/streamer

Bel Canto CD-3T transport

Oppo BDP 105 BluRay player

Magnum Dynalab tuner

Graham Audio LS5/9 loudspeakers

Pair of SVS Micro 3000 Subwoofers


Secondary -

Rega Elicit R integrated amp

Mofi StudioDeck Turntable/cartridge

Oppo BDP 103 BluRay Player

Marantz SA-KI Ruby CD/SACD player

Graham Audio Chartwell LS6 loudspeakers

Main- Luxman 505UXII - Rega P3 - Rotel 1572 - Fyne Audio F502SPs

Second- VAC CLA1 MKII - Odyssey Stratos+ - OPPO 93 - Dynaudio Audience 82s

HT System - Main from above for Fronts - Integra 30.3 - Dynaudio center - Polk Monitors for Rears - OPPO 93

4th System- Rotel RX 1050 - OPPO 93 - JM Labs Tantal 509s in Family Room, Athena AS-06s outside

Office System- J River on PC - Firestone Foobar DAC - Lepai 20x20 - Dynaudio Audience 42s


I have a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh.   Do I need professional help?  Btw, with lumin streamers, I can sync them all and pump too many watts to count through our house!