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The Supratek Cabernet I ordered in January is still not ready to be shipped, so Mick Maloney is prepared to refund my deposit. If that is to happen, I will quickly be in the hunt for a top tube line stage preamp. Currently on audiogon I am interested in making an offer on the following:

VAC signature MK1
Mcintosh c2200
Supratek Cabernet

I would welcome any thoughts and advice. My amp is a Mac 352 driving B&W N802's and my source is a Sony 777 XES (sic) sacd player. Any other used preamps in the 4 to 5 thousand dollar range would be considered. Thanks for the opinons!
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Find a used Essence, Thore, or LAMM. The Essence is the best I have ever heard and is so good that it is not handcuffed by system matching. Only problems are that it is very heavy, (100 lbs) it has a left and right volume control, and it is so over the top that there are only a couple of people in the world that could repair it if it ever broke or if the designer died. (he is in good health)
I listen to a broad variety of music. Jazz, pop, rock and classical. I enjoy an open soundstage with great imaging, and a warmer sound over detail.
I would think the 352/2200 synergy would be great. I've used my 2200 with the MC1000's and also with my SET's. It's very quiet and has an excellent volume control. Good luck.
Warmer sound over detail - In the $3k range, consider the BAT 31SE. And can even be found with the very decent built-in solid state phono stage for a couple hundred $$ more.
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Given your musical priorities, I'd suggest the VAC you mentioned, a Jadis JPL or a Lamm LL2 Deluxe, depending on your price range.
You might consider the Aesthetix Calypso. I have the full-function version (Janus). It is better than the Supratek Cortese that I owned in every regard.
I would recommend the VAC also. I also have N802's and use a Renaissance preamp which I found to be a huge step up from an Audio Research LS15. The infinite remote volume control is a big plus. The stepped controls always offer a level too loud or too quiet but with the VAC you can get the volume just right. Plus it has great versatility with balanced inputs and outputs. The fit and finish are excellent and it just has that satisfying quality feel to the operation that one used to find in the older BMW's. I have been using a VAC PA100 amp and now I'm working with a PHI 110.
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