3 Level, 40-44" wide, Well built for Isolation-Gear Stand-Where/Who?

I am moving and leaving behind my $135 three level Walmart TV/Stereo stand.

I want three levels but wide enough to offer the flexibility of possibly

putting two items on one shelf. Forget the TV portion.


Here is what will be in use:

-Balanced Power Transformer- Size of bigger Integrated only 55lbs- Bottom shelf

-ANK 4.1X DAC -Size of a even bigger integrated. 30lbs or so-Middle

-Innuos Zen 3 Mk2 Streamer/Ripper/Storage . A smaller piece. 20lbs or so-Middle

-Pass Labs INT25 -55 lbs -Top

So that is 4 items and I only want it 3 shelves high. The DAC and Streamer can live

on the same shelf I think.


Budget $1,500 max. Used is fine.

Something with vibration control built engineering is a plus.

Something good looking also important.




Get one custom made to your own bespoke dimensions and specs like I did . 

here’s mine  in solid black walnut with an isolation shelf for my CDP



  I would get ideas from the Timber Nation site and similar places. Then I’d commission a local craftsmen to build it from a hardwood that pleases you. Also consider if you want it modular/ stackable or just one solid build. I’d also consider keeping it somewhat low and open to avoid reflection and aid in cooling. And then floor isolation , spiked or footers. I’ve also spotted some home built racks that are heavy metal plumbing items and laminated or solid wood combined. They have a pretty solid build and a retro stream punk look. My personal taste runs to a nice walnut item with a Watco finish. I’d love to see what you settle on , please post. Happy Hunting , Mike B. 

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