30.7 MAGNEPAN Tour in Indy

Just FYI(no affiliation, outside of being a former Maggie user and fan): August 21st, from 6PM to 8PM, at Ovation Audio / 6609 E 82nd St / Indianapolis, IN / 46256(just off I-69) They want to plan their food/refreshments, so- RSVP, before August 13th, by phone: 317-OVATION
The 30.7 is a pipe dream for almost everybody.

I visit all the Internet forums with big buck systems and have never found anybody that actually owns the 30.7 inspite of it being available for sale for over a year and a half.

Saleswise the 30.7 is a big flop IMO.
Wendell was quite clear that the 30.7 is more of a technical exercise to show the Power Response benefits than a product they want to build and sell. It’s not a particularly practical speaker due to its size and how that requires a huge room. They also need a boatload of power. When I heard them they were powered by the Parasound 400W into 8ohm John Curl designed power amp. 
Demonstrate power response???
Who heard the term before ?
The power response does vary throughout the room even with Maggie’s.
If the Power Response was perfect there would be no “sweet spot”?
The 30.7 does have a “sweet spot”.
What does making the speaker prove, if not to sell?

The old Tympani requires a room no bigger than the 30.7 needs.

Look, Magnepan”s brand does not have snob appeal and the rich will not spend on them.

Most all Magnepan dealers do not even have the 20.7 to demo in their stores?

Why?? Very poor marketing!

So you’re saying the brand is in trouble? That’s a huge stretch. By the way few dealers stock many higher priced speakers. I’m in the Detroit Metro area and only one dealer has anything over $10k/pair and that’s Paragon who is one of the top dealers in the country. The local Magnepan dealer has a pair of 20.7’s that’s he’s had for years. They are for the owner’s listening pleasure. 
Winey(maggie) and Johnson(ARC), teamed up and were trucking around the country, in the 70’s, demonstrating one new technology(magnetic-planars) and one reintroduction to music lovers(tubes). Both companies are still alive and well, after going on 50 years(well- McIntosh Group bought the ARC marque). Yeah, sure...."poor marketing!" Made in the USA/ sold in China