30 Watts of class A power: What Speakers are you using and suggesting?

My recent amp has led me to want to downsize my setup. My Sophia II’s can be handled by the amp but I wonder what would I look at if I downsized the speakers to prepare for a life less crowded by heavy equipment. NOTE: The amp inspires me to believe I am hearing the very best music of my life < 70 watts. 
I am using some GPA 604 to a Luxman 590 II. It’s a good combo within the speaker limitations.

Strengths of the speakers are dynamics, efficiency and tonality. Weakness are large box size, the need for subs and not the greatest high frequency extension. I have had other speakers in the system and to this point the Altecs are still here. Mostly I love the teakwood vintage cabinets they are housed in. 

I have used tubes in the past and someday may return. But for now the Lux integrated is a good combo of sound, power and versatility. 
My second system is comprised of KEF R500 speakers, a Decware ZenTorii II, and a DeHavilland UltraVerve III preamp. I was surprised at how well the Decware's 25 watts of class A power drove the KEF's, quite exceeded my expectations. Prior to hooking up the Decware amp, I'd been using a 620 watt per channel @ 8 ohm IcePower amp and the Decware does not sound dynamically compromised in comparison, at least at the volumes I listen to. 
My system may not fit into a "Down Scaling" scenario but..
Cary Mk120 S2 Amp, Audible Illusions 3La preamp, Tannoy
FSM speakers. Makes a lovely sound. If I was downsizing
I would buy the Borresen Stand mounts and run with the new Vinnie Rossi Hybrid integrated. Heavenly.
As David suggested, your amp would be a good match with the Cube Nenuphar’s. A smaller version of the Nenuphar’s is coming available soon, we are waiting for our demo pair. Same concept just 8inch driver vs 10 inch.