300 disk W/ outboard DAC or single play W good dac

Hello everyone. I am going to be buying a new CDP sometime soon and i have been thinking of buying either a sigle play Cambridge Audio D300 or a NAD C521 which are bolth exceptional players, Or trying something like a sony 300 disk player with an outborad DAC. I dont really want to spend more than $275 on this and i dunno how much good DAC's cost. What would you suggest? Any other players to look at?

The rest of my system is:
NAD C-370 amp
JBL ND310 speakers
Clarity Wires "foxfore" IC

Thank you
"good dac" is pretty hard to define, but even used you'd be hard pressed to get something older but recent for less than about $150-$250. That doesn' leave much room for a transport and cables. Maybe try a CAl Icon MK2 one box player.
If you go used, a Cambridge Audio D500SE is in your price range. It is a huge improvement over the older model HK I changer I used previously. If you own an old CDP with a digital out, you might consider an ART DI/O DAC. You can get one used here or new on the Internet for $200 or less plus the cost of cables and adapters. Requires the CDP have a BNC or RCA digital out. I now have that in my main system connected to a Sony DVP-S7700. Much better sound than the DVPs DACs. I don't know how it compares with the MSB, Datastream, or other DACs I have seen here in that price range.
Right now i have a Teac pd-d2750 5 disk player i bought at costco for 90 dollars. I think i might go for just a cdp and forget about the dac thing. they seem kna pricy when i could just get something like the nad which has Burr-Brown sigma delta 20 bit. or maybe i could splurge and get the C541 which also plays HDCD's for a hundred or so more.
If it were my money, I would spend an extra $25 and get the Cambridge Audio D-500SE listed in the classified section of this site. The buyer is "asking" $300. Of course, being an "audio cheapskate", I would offer $300, shipping included!

I have another option. Buy the AMC CD8B from AudioAdvisor for $199. They have a fantastic return policy, so if it doesn't meet your needs, send it back within 30 days for a full refund. I read the reviews on AudioReview, and it seems like a good candidate for a budget system.

Your source is the last place you want to cheap out on.Save your money till you can buy a used unit for 500.00 stay away from a 300 changer or you will be doomed to lo fi for the rest of you life.
The source is your most important component.
The Cambridge D300 is $175 new on closeout at Audioadvisor along with the $199 AMC mentioned. On ebay you may find an original MSB Link DAC for $150 to $175. The older Soundstream/Krell DACs for around $125+/- are also pretty good. I recommend you upgrade the IEC power cord that comes with the D300. Really tighens up the bass.
I have to agree with Natalie on this. DO NOT waste your money. Save for a good CD player or transport. On the bright side these players make a very nice storage case for your CD collection. My Technics 110 disk changer is one such mistake I made. Learn from my mistake.
OK, the 300 disk thing isint an option anymore, And i dunno about the NAD didnt have the best reviews they said it skipped sometimes. Maybe i will think about the CA and the AMC more..