300B or 2a3 SET Class A for Heretic Model A?

Wondering which one would be the perfect match/magical integrated? 100db is more than enough to drive almost everything.

Between these: Mastersound Compact 300B, Trafomatic Evolution Two, Robson Acoustic 300B Masterpiece,  WE91E or even Luxman SQ-N150.

Thanks in advance!


I have transformers in my inventory for a 45 amp, as well as a 2A3 push pull. 

I look forward to getting them built and comparing them. 

As stated above, I would be looking into a PP 2A3. Very curious about how tyt would sound. 

I use a DIY SE EL84 with my Cornwalls and it drives them with comparative ease. Now, I don’t play particularly loud, and I’m not a bass head, so others may not find that satisfying. 
Do really like EL84’s, I do :) Listening to a pair of UA-1’s now, and even in their poor state (just got them) they sound quite lovely. 

It always bothers me when some asks about a lower power tube amp and someone chimes in with, get a higher powered amp. To me if you want a 300b, 2A3 or 45 amp get one. I have all three. I listen to music all day and at good volume and one room is 1400 square feet. These amps are the best, and at the same time there is a culture around them. The people who espouse the more power mantra are not part of that culture and are irrelevant if you really want a low powered tube amp that’s about sweetness and musicality and tactile-ness. And I’m sure many people feel they have this with their un-low powered tube amp set up. Good for you. But what I'm talking about is not what everyone wants and that’s totally fine.  It would be silly to want a historic style 300b amp and its ilk and not at least have the experience that got you curious about one in the first place. It’s a hobby, try things doesn't really help to ask questions. Just experiment and sell on what you don’t like. It will still be cheaper than golf or wine. There are no right answers and crazy little accurate information. Everything in this world is personal. 

I’ve run 845 SET amps (Antique Sound Labs, USA) and been very satisfied with their 27watts per channel.   Very quit, lovely midrange, tight powerful bass and extended highs.   Great imagine and overall tonal quality.   They matched well with my electrostatics.   If you are concerned you need more umphf, then you might consider a SET based on the 845 tube.

Another 2a3 fan here it has a clarity and a speed that 300B doesn't have, to my ears at least.

Again don’t listen to anyone here, me included😂

With all due respect to others here, you don’t need a higher power amp, and a 2A3 amp is or is not better then a 300b, there is no such thing in this world as better. Every time you change your speakers or your amp, you’ll have to decide if you hit on the right equation. If you didn’t hit on the right equation it’s not the amps fault, it’s just that situation. I had a 45 amp that didn’t sound good with the Altec's I had, didn’t sound good with Tannoys, and I just put it aside and one day tried it with some speakers I was using at work and bingo. Again it’s a culture.  It’s a tremendous fun little corner of the high fi world. And if you get into deep enough you’ll find yourself looking for copies of Sound Practices magazine.