300B SET Amp driving Wilson Sabrinas

Interesting experience to share.

In my home system I have a pair of Wilson Sabrina speakers normally driven by a Modwright KWA 150SE (Special Edition). On a lark, I replaced the Modwright with an Elekit 8600S 300B amp (Lundahl output transformers and Mundorf Supreme output capacitors) I had in another system.

The surprise, not only did the Elekit drive the Sabrinas very well (improved clarity and tonality), but at the same volume with the same input level as the Modwright! Using a passive preamp, when I set the volume knob on the preamp to the same point for both the Modwright and the Elekit it results in essentially the same volume from the speakers.

Admittedly I listen at moderate levels (SPL rarely exceeds 70dBA), but the sensitivity of the Sabrinas is only 88 dB. Who would have thought!!



Wow something made of good parts

sounded better than a more powerful amp made with not as good parts! Shocking 



Actually OSHA specifies a 4 hour limit for 95 db SPL. I would rather trust them than the lying CDC.


The CDC is a totally lost cause.

To this day I listen to music wearing a mask and staying six foot from others.  The issue here is separating the agenda from the objective.

@vonhelmholtz or taking out the poster's bias.

I totally agree with you.

I have heard SET with Maggies, and it sounded OK. Bass control is bad on SET's and that is why they were just OK.

People, this is a hobby, it isn't life and death. 

I find listening to a good system between 65 and 80db is more than satisfying. The times I have needed higher volumes was when the sound quality was terrible. 

 If blasting your self silly makes you happy, go for it.