300B Speakers, Reynaud & Reference 3A

Has anyone had experience with Reynaud Twin MKIIs or Reference 3As (any model)as driven by 300B or other similar (6-10wts)SETs?
Twl...The speaker drivers I listened to were at least 3-4 yrs old. They were both in homemade cabinets. I don't think there are any dealers in my area (Southeastern Michigan) who carry anything with Lowther drivers, don't know how else I could get a listen to something new. I also still think that, at 100db efficient, the system might be too noisy for my liking. I'll check some Lowther websites, however, and see what's happening.

Another candidate may be the smallest Galante speaker ($2500-$2800) new. I have no experience with it myself, but it has received favorable reviews (both for its sound and low wattage capability).

I think that it is a coaxial design (tweeter mounted in the center of the LF driver) which usually works quite well in close spaces.

Don't know if this interests you, but I plan on building a pair of single driver speakers (for the 2A3 amps) using vintage Stephens Trusonic 8" drivers. I was considering new Lowther drivers, but (as you mentioned) I do not feel that my Bottlehead gear is quiet enough to make a good match.

The Abbey speakers (mentioned above) are single driver speakers (using Fostex) that are based on the Voigt pipe design (same as TWL's speakers), but they are well below 100 dB efficiency. The last time I checked the Cain & Abbey website they were offering a "near field" version of the speaker that might be suitable for your room (depending on the layout).
Dekay - What is the website address for Cain & Abbey. Tried Google search and didn't finf anything.
Hi Tom:

Here is the address:


Keep in mind that I have never listened to the line, though there should be some user feedback shortly @ Audioasylum.com (someone just received a pair). Can't remember which forum, but you can now run a full site search @ AA (hit search and it is in the drop down menu).

I cannot imagine getting bass out of this design, but TWL has and perhaps this model does so as well. I'm not a bass fanatic, but do require a reasonable amplitude on the low open "E" string of a Jazz bass. Many speakers rated @ but 55 Hz perform this task within their useable roll off (even though the note is centered @ around 42 Hz), so specs are not everything when it comes to listening enjoyment.

Here is another website that may be of interest to you (also the "brother" single driver website which has a link @ the top of the page).