$39K for the Linn Klimax DAC/streamer?

It has to be set up using a special service and there is no manual? I guess this for the very wealthy few who do not care about "gear." I would rather buy a car with this money, or part of a Porsche, and set up my own DAC/streamer. But Stephen Scarf at Absolute Sound says.."unquestionably the best combination DAC/streamer I've ever heard, bar none." Great hyperbole, may hold true for a month or two, then some other over-priced bit of kit comes along..
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I do not agree that the so-called ascendent class "demand the best.
I used a logical "or" above which negates your complaint. ;-)
noromance- As a member of the "ascendant class", I have to say that your inclusion of an "or" as a Boolean operator is nonsense! 
I haven't heard Linn's new DAC. Is it worth $39k?  Not for me, I'm not willing to pay $39k for 1 piece of audio gear.

Linn has been on the leading edge of digital music - I think their brand reputation does provide them an opportunity to create and market a high-end DAC. The upper Linn systems have active speakers and use digital converters to minimize signal loss.  Higher-end Linn systems are visually minimalistic and easy to blend into decor.

There are individuals that are willing and able to pay $39k for a DAC.  And that's their prerogative. It's their money and their experience.  

Lastly, I would if someone is willing to spend $39k for a DAC that person appreciates music.