$39K for the Linn Klimax DAC/streamer?

It has to be set up using a special service and there is no manual? I guess this for the very wealthy few who do not care about "gear." I would rather buy a car with this money, or part of a Porsche, and set up my own DAC/streamer. But Stephen Scarf at Absolute Sound says.."unquestionably the best combination DAC/streamer I've ever heard, bar none." Great hyperbole, may hold true for a month or two, then some other over-priced bit of kit comes along..
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Damn! I should have kept my mouth shut.   

Perhaps, nobody noticed.    


They cost 39K and 80K because someone pays that for them. If YOU won’t (like me) then they are not worth 39 or 80K. IF I had all the money I ever needed there are NO 39 or 80K pieces of stereo gear.. Plane and simple.. BUT that dosen’t mean others think the same way I do..

Speakers I’ve seen some very expensive woods used along with serious machine work and very expensive drivers, crossover parts and wiring.. Then the finish..

5 - 10K is not uncommon.. 50-100k hand made speakers.. Lot of labor..




You are right. I have pretty expensive Wilson speakers - so I am guilty of what I have been complaining about. 

For some reason, and it may be that because I have worked with computer networks much of my life, a ~$40k streamer struck me as too much money, but it is all relative!


I have heard the Linn DAC/ streamer and it’s amazing. If I could afford it, I would purchase it in a heartbeat.