$39K for the Linn Klimax DAC/streamer?

It has to be set up using a special service and there is no manual? I guess this for the very wealthy few who do not care about "gear." I would rather buy a car with this money, or part of a Porsche, and set up my own DAC/streamer. But Stephen Scarf at Absolute Sound says.."unquestionably the best combination DAC/streamer I've ever heard, bar none." Great hyperbole, may hold true for a month or two, then some other over-priced bit of kit comes along..
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No matter what rediculas price is put on any streamer, it can only capture, reproduce and sound as good as what comes from the source and stream. Right now about any $500. streamer on the market will faithfully and acuratly do that. Above that, audiophiles with deep pockets and golden ears are hearing something that isn't there.....Jim


Which specific streamers have you actually auditioned to reach your conclusion?  Are you able to hear differences between DACs?  Have you perceived differences between amplifiers?  To what might you attribute those different sonic characteristics?  Why would that not also apply to a source? 

It turns out they do.  Though you may believe differently, with any reasonably decent system (golden ears and/or golden wallet are not needed) those differences are readily apparent.  Yes, a cheap streamer will play music with fidelity.  Better units will do so with more spatial information and resolution which are pretty easy to hear.  Perhaps you should try one - you might be pleasantly surprised.

This is an audiophile forum - a place where people who are interested in bettering their sound (within their budget) come to discuss and explore.  It's interesting how many come here with preconceived ideas of what "must" be (i.e. bits are bits so digital sources sound the same, all class D amplifiers are lifeless, etc.). 

I'm not suggesting that more expensive is always better sounding. That clearly isn't the case.  But, a good system will be well rewarded with moving upstream on the source.  BTW - I didn't believe it either before I tried it.  Nevertheless, I gained more sonic benefits moving to a better streamer than I did by significantly upgrading my DAC (and I spent 2x on the DAC relative to the streamer).  I think I may have gotten that backwards in hindsight.



I have been in audio for some 45 years, so am by no means a newbee. I never did claim that all amps, CDPs, DACS  ect. etc. sound the same, just that you can not extract more from any streaming source than is there - regardless of how much money or magic you throw at it. SO Basically, with this $39K Linn Klimax, you would be buying $500.00 worth of streamer with a $38,500 DAC....Jim


just that you can not extract more from any streaming source than is there 

I don't really see how this would be different from an amp, a speaker or a turntable. Do you think those can extract more than there is in the source?

And funnily enough, streamers and dacs may be the one thing that can easiest improve the source quality by using technologies like the Chord Hugo M Scaler does. We can discuss if it sounds better or not but it tries to make the output sound better than the input.

Same issue of TAS has a rave review of the Hi Fi Rose 150B streamer/dac.  Costs $5K.


Would be interesting to compare to the Linn at 1/8th the price.