3C24 tube amp recently converted to 812 ouput power tubes.

My 3C24 amp was recently converted to use 812 power output tubes. It has changed this amplifier dramatically, making it the best sounding amplifier this humble ancient audiophiler has ever heard.

Last night, I played the Dvorak String Quartets, G Major OP. 106 & F Major OP. 96 "American" by  Pavel Hass Quartet.

It was shocking how huge the quartet souded in my room. I was transfixed, mouth agape. I still can't get over how shockingly real it sounded in my room. 

So good!


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Congrats Dan! The 812 tube is a new one to me but they look like they're pretty cheap an added bonus.

Thank you gentlemen. As one ages, things get tougher on a daily basis. Thankfully, music, and my system,  I am able to enjoy better than ever.



May I ask how one goes about buying this 812 tube amp? Nothing on the BH site.  Thanks. 


Do a search on the Seattle Craigslist using the term "triode" and look for an ad for a pair of exotic looking triode amps. That’s Paul. He's currently listing a pair of 811A amps. Crazy looking and gorgeous. Paul is a superb builder. 


Cool. You might recall I auditioned a pair of Paul's 3C24 amps in my home for a while. They sounded very good,  though I ended up keeping my AES SE-1 300B Amp. 

Can you record here the story of what precipitated this change?