40+ watts SET, cost is not a problem


Hope everyone is well here. I am visiting after a long time. I have a query on behalf of a close buddy of mine. He is using a pair of TAD CR1x loudspeakers. Gorgeous speakers for sure. The source is an EMT 927 TT & JPA66 preamp. For the amplification things are getting tricky. He has tried the TAD M700s reference power amp and while it sounds very controlled, it doesn't have the openness and dimensionality of tone that a good tube/SET amp provides. We are considering trying a good SET for this system. Given that TAD needs some power blossom well and expand on effortlessly, at least 40 watts of SET power would be needed. The quick choices are Kondo Kagura & Wavac HE833 Mk2. But I need more suggestions on these and other comparative products.

1. Has anyone heard the Kondo and Wavac gears to suggest a comparison? I am just a bit worried on the amount of Silver used in Kondo. I have normally found that silver takes away something from the flow and harmonics. Tell me more about it.

2. What other options can be considered in this realm? No SS please. Looking for SET options primarily.


Room size is moderate 17 x 13 feet. Music preferred are classic rock, jazz, pop and some classical




I have owned a 300b SET for 15 years and simply love it. However any DHT can be utilized in a SET amplifier. 2A3, 45, 211,805,GM70 etc. SET is not limited to300b.


Charles dad any 40 watt amp is not a true  SET it is considered A2 - 2 stage class ,

which still can sound good but not as clean Very high voltages up to 1500 volts..


@charles1dad reminded me of the GM70 so I went to Lampizator site to reread about it and they seem to be focusing on the 211 now (GM70 is Soviet, and I guess the war).  Their 211 SET makes 85 wpc.  

Apollo (mentioned earlier) only claims 50 wpc from their 211 SET but says "It depends how hard you want to run them."


I am personally a big fan of a well designed Class A triode wired pushpull amp using a variety of tubes, EL34, KT77, KT66, 6L6, 5881. And I agree those aren't good speakers for an SET amp.