40+ watts SET, cost is not a problem


Hope everyone is well here. I am visiting after a long time. I have a query on behalf of a close buddy of mine. He is using a pair of TAD CR1x loudspeakers. Gorgeous speakers for sure. The source is an EMT 927 TT & JPA66 preamp. For the amplification things are getting tricky. He has tried the TAD M700s reference power amp and while it sounds very controlled, it doesn't have the openness and dimensionality of tone that a good tube/SET amp provides. We are considering trying a good SET for this system. Given that TAD needs some power blossom well and expand on effortlessly, at least 40 watts of SET power would be needed. The quick choices are Kondo Kagura & Wavac HE833 Mk2. But I need more suggestions on these and other comparative products.

1. Has anyone heard the Kondo and Wavac gears to suggest a comparison? I am just a bit worried on the amount of Silver used in Kondo. I have normally found that silver takes away something from the flow and harmonics. Tell me more about it.

2. What other options can be considered in this realm? No SS please. Looking for SET options primarily.


Room size is moderate 17 x 13 feet. Music preferred are classic rock, jazz, pop and some classical



Thats a nice problem to have, really superb equipment.

Already the predecessor R1 was outstanding however also demanding on the upfront chain but truly world class.

I may have a soulution for sale.

My thoughts are that there is one pair of Single ended that easily can feed the TADs

The older Siltech single ended power ampilifiers SEPA are giving out 80w/8 ohm real class A from a single nuvistor tube. 
A group compared them and the Kagura monoes mk1 and the Siltechs were clearly better and with an extreme lifespan from the nuvistor tubes also winns there.

They are however rare and were only produced in 15 limited pairs and actually not even set up for public sales but only for Silteck picked out distributors around the world at the sum of 130.000. Which with a normal profit factor would have had a retail price of around the double and in the Kagura area.

They weighted almost 60 kg each and all wire included transformers were the G5 silver/gold aloy from Siltech.

Only a few have be up for sale until now but soon I may put up a set and they can be testet in AB against a set of Robert Koda K70 mk2 which also are a outstanding poweramp.

Happy listening.


If I have to go push pull, my first choice would be a CJ sa108 monoblocks with Art88 preamp. But I am so keen and smitten by SET that I will first explore it well. 


But I am so keen and smitten by SET that I will first explore it well!

As well you at the very least should do. I recall sharing numerous interesting threads with you in past years. You have extensive experience With a wide variety of  Audio components. At this stage it is fair to say that you know what you like and what and what you are seeking.


@verdantaudio gave you some promising SET options, Aries Cerat and KR Kronzilla. Also VIVA Audio PSET 845 I’d mentioned previously. There’s an excellent PSET 845 made in Japan by Triode Corporation. These are big 50 watt per channel mono blocks. I’ve heard them personally and they are splendid! I believe that a top notch SET, PSET or DHT class A push pull amplifier will deliver what you are searching for sonically and musically.


Thanks @charles1dad i am exploring all the SET suggestions you and other fellow audiophiles have suggested. Audio Note (UK) ANKORU or even Gaku-On is looking very interesting

@pani The following suggestion will possibly be difficult for yourself to consider, but I will put it out on this forum once more.

The Pass Korg B1 Pre Amp, i its basic build Guise is very good in terms of the perception of Transparency it can produce when used with a Valve Power Amp.

The same designs using some of the well known schematic tweaks are exceptional Amps and quite able to fend of £Multi Thousand Pre Amp's which I know the have done.

There is not much monies required to experience this design as a Basic Model.