400W amp under $2000

Are there poweramps with 300-400w (8ohms) with fully balanced connections? (xlr) under $2000? I was considering evo1 series but they say it doesn't work with some subwoofers
CarverPro ZR1600. 300 wpc @ 8 ohms, 600 wpc @ 4 ohms.
Less than $1000. (Check the web). Sounds good.
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The Hafler Transnova 9505 puts out 750W at 8ohms, in bridged mode, and is fully differential from input to output(unlike a lot of other amps). They are still supported by Rockford Fosgate, that actually built them. Fosgate bought the Hafler name a few years back. They have phenomenal slew rate and damping factors. Here's a link to the manual:(http://www.w1vd.com/9505manual.pdf) I've been using one for years with my woofers. It's given me wonderfully accurate, defined and extended bottom end.
I think a highly underated amp that is rated at 300 watts is the Innersound 300 ESL. I owned one and while I think the Parasound JC-1s sound better, the 300 ESL was very solid. It would be my immediate choice if I needed a less expensive high powered amp. They aren't made anymore and could probably be had for 1000 bucks or so.
BelCanto Ref1000's are 500W into 8ohms. You can find them on the used market for just above the $2k mark. They worked superbly well in my system, and I heard them in several of the systems at RMAF doing the same. YMMV. There are other class D amps that may fit your requirements as well (CIA, Nuforce, etc.) but I have no solid experience to recommend them or not.

Spectron Audio - Musician Hybrid Plus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
500 wpc - sound nearly as good as Musician III SE.
Its not regular product - call them, they have one per couple months.
Good Luck !!!!
Rotel RB-1090 is 380W @8 ohms, over 700W @4 ohms, has XLR connections but is not truly balanced. Was recommended product in Absolute Sound for years. I have one that I'm not using and might sell it. I've been keeping it since it is very good even compared to the Parasound JC-1's that replaced it.
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How about D-sonic: http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampstran&1209141954. Do the research though as I have no personal experience with this amp.
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bob_reynolds- something about grounding. you can check.
sub company went out of business so I don't know my specs.
How about a Behriner EP1500 for $299.99?

1400 watts in bridged mode and many audiophiles on the Magneplanar forums rave about them.

Apparently the fans are a bit noisy but can be switched with quieter ones.

For < $300 bucks, the build quality won't remind you of a Rowland.

I am going to get two of them for biamping experiments, just for fun.
How about a used pair of Aragon Palladiums? Any of the three versions--Palladium, Palladium II or Palladium 1K would meet your needs; although you're probably looking at the P or P II but not the P 1K due to price concerns.

And they're NOT made in Communist China.