45 Singles You Just Had to Buy

In the bad old days before the internet & streaming😀, what pieces of music did you have to purchase on a 45rpm single because there was no other genuine way of getting them home? The trouble was that more often than not, an album cut of a rock-and-roll hit would be a different version/take/mix of the one you loved hearing on the radio. Which means you just had to get the 45.

Here's a random handful of mine --

Hanky Panky -- Tommy James & the Shondells

Save the Country -- Laura Nyro

She Don't Care about Time and Change is Now -- The Byrds

Baby Please Don't Go -- Them

Candy Girl -- Four Seasons

The Battle of New Orleans -- Johnny Horton


Hey Joe

Sunshine of your love

Because in the 60s the 33's were too expensive for this kid.



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I spun 45’s on an RCA player in my ’65 Comet Cyclone. With the advent of the eight track tape player it was no longer needed nor cool. The eight track had its own inherent problems like track click and tape malfunction but didn’t skip when I hit a bump or pothole. Plus the cassettes were practically free as you could pick up discarded ones on the side of the road that just needed to be spliced or rewound onto the take up reel with a pencil inserted into the center of the cog. Other than that, 45’s were mostly for jukeboxes, girls and slumber parties.

I have lots of 12" 45's purchased in the 80s. They contain remixes and extended club versions of the single or a popular track found on the LP. And they weren't over compressed, just enough to keep the disc from jumping the grooves.

These tracks were recorded very hot and usually had better SQ than the album. Mostly owned by DJs and collectors.