45 Type Push/Pull

How many here use or have heard one of these type amps? What are the important factors here in this being able to produce quality sound of this tube with out the noise???
Can this amp achieve the sound quality of an SET amp?
Are you telling me that no one here has owned or heard one of these types of amps???
Apprently they are rare- I have a friend that made a custom PP2a3 that could be converted to PP45 (I already have an SET 45 from him which is great- it is an awesome tube), so I am curious how it would sound as well. I can only guess that if the reason for wanting more power from the 45 is why the reason to creat a PP version, at that point people might be thinking a 300B instead at 8+ watts, hence the popularity of those amps. It would be great though, to see more 'all-out' 45 PP designs...
You can debate whether you prefer SET or PP amplifiers. They definitely sound different; I think each would appeal to some. Obviously, push-pull gives the kind of advantage in power that allows most to use the triode tubes with a real world loudspeaker.

The 2A3 has half as much power on paper in comparison with a 300B, but real world seat of the pants power doesn't translate, and the 2A3 often sounds like the bigger tube. The 2A3 is also the better sounding tube, and the 45 better still. However, the 45 makes half as much power as a 2A3, sounds/feels that way (figure 3 - 6 watts for push-pull 45 amplifiers), and seriously limits your loudspeaker selection.