$4500 amp beat out the Tenor OTL in the latest TAS

You read that right! In the Feb/March edition of TAS, HP declares that the ASL (antique sound lab)Hurricanes at $4500 are the best amps he has EVER heard at any price. In another section of the same issue, the hurricane won tube amp of the year while the Tenor 75 watter was the runner-up.
BTW Rcrump, speaking of reviews, congrats on your Stereophile rave by Fremer (and Atkinson!) with the Parasound Halo JC 1's. I once went to audition an HCA-3500 that I ultimately didn't buy, but it was impressive. How much better do these sound to you? (And why no handles? :-)
Zaikesman- No handles- because quite simply, you can't handle it :) sorry couldn't resist.

As to the tenor vs. what ever other amp, I think Bob hit the nail on the head its very system dependent. I do think the tenors are the best amps I have ever heard- though they sound horrible in my system!

Brucegel- The world you live in must be a nice place.
If HP and his ilk were to posit that this amp, that preamp, this CDP were the best without qualification, there would be little need for them to maintain a monthly publishing schedule. I've learned to take their ratings with a robust dose of skepticism. Ditto with Stereo Review and its recommended components. Think about it: would there be any need to keep reading these rags if some mythical manufacturer had made the perfect component and such had been duly reported in these rags???
I love it when the big mags give outright rave reviews. To me it means the reviewer (and the editor) are actually excited about a product. The fact that there has been a steady stream of rave reviews may indicate that we are in a "golden age" of audio products. That sounds like something we should all be happy about and try to enjoy.