45rpm pressing of Fleetwood Mac Rumours

Got it Friday and it sounds lifeless on my system. (musical life jazz table Zu Denon dl103 cart.)

What's your impression? Was I expecting too much?
would have been much better if they released a bluray. I have a number of reissues on blueray (Neil Young) and when I compare to the original vinyl I have, bluray wins. You figure.
I am disappointed with the 45 rpm version. After reading all of the glowing reports, I was really looking forward to this. I also find it to be dull and rolled off at the top. My setup - Garrard 301 in Steve Dobbens plinth, Triplanar arm with Dynavecto xv-1s into Dartzeel preamp/phono is extremely open and airy. Makes me wonder what other people are hearing. As they say, YMMV.
the early pressings can be great but you have to find a good one. interesting reading from tom port on this subject:

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