5.1 Speaker Packages....Any Worthwhile....

....for, say, $1.5K?
Definitive Technology ProCinema 1000 or 800. It has won a few awards. I have heard it and it sounds GREAT! Best Buy carries it now.
Thanks guys. Keep 'em coming. I may stick with trying to do some matching of my own. The ones I've SEEN are mostly computer speakers or of a quaility that, well... has me looking deeper into the ole cash satchel. I saw some PSB's that look of interest (having experience with PSB), though they were more than the amount I stated.

Best Buy carries it now

Uh, oh. Kiss of Death.... ;-)
Forgot to mention that I looked at the Ascend site awhile back and was put off that their flagship monitors, at $800 a pair, have but a 30 DAY warranty. Yikes.

Did I hear (or must I say, read) you right??? Best Buy carries Definitive Technology now???

Yes, they do. You read it right. I was there the other day in their Magnolia center. Definitive Technology all over the place. Also, they had Martin Logan, Vienna Acoustics, Mirage, Klipsch (upper end stuff). All hooked up in Theaters.
Forgot about the .1 part of the 5.1 package. I would buy a used sub (Hsu vtf-2) or the Titanic kit from parts express and find 5 NHT Classic threes. I've seen used pairs for $400. A little more effort than going down to best buy but it would be an awesome system for around $1500.
I agree with the NHT suggestion above. Classic 3s are tailor made for theater. If you insist on a package deal, you may be interested in this. You'll have a few bucks left over for a nice sub and plenty of popcorn.

On the subject of Magnolia, they seem to be carrying an interesting list of manufacturers.
Look at Totem. They have one in that range, Dreamcatcher. Good company and good speakers.
Thanks. I don't INSIST on much, but always explore my options (smetimes to a fault). JMLabs stuff looks interesting. I bought some of their auto stuff (Focal) for my son's car and was SHOCKED at how good they were for the dough.

One other option I have is to use a pair of restored vintage Ohm C2's for the fronts (they sound GREAT, BTW), a pair of Infinity Sterling SS2004's for the rear - both pairs 6 ohm and close enough with respect to sensitivity, frequency response to adjust with the onboard AVR350 controls), and then look for a center that will mate well. With such a setup I probably won't look to add a sub for awhile.

Suggestion regarding a suitable center also appreciated.
I have the matching Paradigm Atom original versions system. There is one problem.....every time a doorbell rings in a movie, the dogs go nuts. And after all these years, I still jump when a phone rings in one as well.
"Forgot to mention that I looked at the Ascend site awhile back and was put off that their flagship monitors, at $800 a pair, have but a 30 DAY warranty. Yikes."

The 30 days is Ascends satisfaction guarantee/in-home trail period. The Sierra 1 has a 7 year warranty. Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1.
Morel,Kef are smal;l and cheap (3500 is $1500 and ther eis a etep up get's good reviews at Cnet).If real cehcp is desired get JBL or Inifintiy at thier ebay web site.But items mentioned above (Paradigm,Totem,Definitive all good).I spend a lot on 2 cheannel and am hard o please but HT seems ok if you spend $1500-$2K.For two chennel I'd multipley that times ten.I say render untoi Cesra etc.Get small HT set up and even if placed within same rack keep systems seperate.To get double duty system is expensive and I think compromises both unless you go with very hig end gear like Mac,Krell,Meridian,etc.But I tilt toward music and want more from it.Look at subs.Ones for muisc that are fast and pitch accurate for muisc and not the "Boom in The room type" for HT.Unless you get to say a all Revel where sub alone will cost $3K.hey if you can afford it find.othewise you can get pretty impressive HT HTIB sts ups for cheap.Shop smart and you might start with say your stereo and than add componets that include 5.1 p[rsocessor reasonable priced three chennel for rears and center etc.But no HT reciever for $3K Plus is going to give you two 2 channel sound for the way a dedicated amp and pre get's you.If attempted it depends on smart shopping and compromises some which you may want to make others you might not want to.
With very little haggling you could get a complete Mirage Omnisat V2 system at $1500 or less. Retail for 5 Omnisat V2 satellites is $1250, and the Omni S10 matching sub is $500.

As small as they are, the sats have a power handling rating of 150 watts and are linear down to 70 Hz, so you don't have that upper bass suckout you often get with undersized satellites. The sub is good down to around 25 Hz (I have the previous version and confirmed its extension with a Stereophile test CD) and is easy to integrate seamlessly with the satellites.

Build quality is as good or better than anything you'd find at this price, speakers are fast and extended without sounding edgy or harsh at all. The earlier version of this setup handily beat the others in several roundup reviews.

The other thing these have over anything else is their omnidirectional radiating patterns. Directionality is excellent, yet they provide a seamless 360 deg. soundfield. Clarity does not suffer.