5.1 Speaker Packages....Any Worthwhile....

....for, say, $1.5K?
Forgot about the .1 part of the 5.1 package. I would buy a used sub (Hsu vtf-2) or the Titanic kit from parts express and find 5 NHT Classic threes. I've seen used pairs for $400. A little more effort than going down to best buy but it would be an awesome system for around $1500.
Look at Totem. They have one in that range, Dreamcatcher. Good company and good speakers.
I agree with the NHT suggestion above. Classic 3s are tailor made for theater. If you insist on a package deal, you may be interested in this. You'll have a few bucks left over for a nice sub and plenty of popcorn.

On the subject of Magnolia, they seem to be carrying an interesting list of manufacturers.
Thanks. I don't INSIST on much, but always explore my options (smetimes to a fault). JMLabs stuff looks interesting. I bought some of their auto stuff (Focal) for my son's car and was SHOCKED at how good they were for the dough.

One other option I have is to use a pair of restored vintage Ohm C2's for the fronts (they sound GREAT, BTW), a pair of Infinity Sterling SS2004's for the rear - both pairs 6 ohm and close enough with respect to sensitivity, frequency response to adjust with the onboard AVR350 controls), and then look for a center that will mate well. With such a setup I probably won't look to add a sub for awhile.

Suggestion regarding a suitable center also appreciated.