5.1 to 2 Channel - Any compet. for Magnum MD-10

I'd like to keep my 2 channel setup but hate listening to the 2 channel mix on DVDs, it is of much lower quality than the 5.1 mix. Magnum Dynalab makes the MD-10 which takes AC3 5.1 and converts it into a 2 channel "virtual surround". I believe this would be much superior to the 2 channel crap they put on the DVDs.

At any rate, they say it is the FIRST unit of its kind. So my question is what else does this, and does anyone have any experience with devices like this. Thanks for the help.
I know how you feel. I posted a similar question here and there, but no response. I guess NO ONE owns this.
Anyway, I found the similar product from MSB. See www.msbtech.com for MDP-3X. More expensive than MD.
But you know what? I am enjoying DVD with 2 ch sys without either of them. I simply set the DVD player so that 5.1 signal is downmixed to 2 ch PCM digital. Then, you can listen 5.1 signal track. Mine is Pioneer, but I suspect any make can do that. Just try! Ken