5 legendary speakers?

I have recently read Ken Kessler's old but still wonderful review of Sonus Faber Extremas. He ends the review by saying that "It is one of a handful of loudspeakers which qualify as legends."

I own a pair of Extremas, and I agree with Kessler's statement. Now, I am curious to know what other audiophiles consider "legendary speakers" based on their own experience. I would define legendary speakers as ones that are path breaking, that redefined the frontier of sound quality that is affordable by the average audiophile (I know, it's a vague definition). Let me give my list of 5 legendary speakers. These are all old speakers I would live with today.

1. Quad ESL 57
2. Klipsch K-Horn
3. Thiel CS5i
4. Sonus Faber Extrema
5. Sonus Faber Amati
No Altec's or Magnepans?

Altec- beats any of the speakers listed before this post, except the Tannoys, SF, and the Quads, in terms of retaining its price and will make the whole group of speakers a run for their money if not much better in sound performance. Wonder how many Ohm, KLH, Thiel, Infinity speakers are in the rest of the world(Asia for example) compared to Altec/Tannoy/Magnepans...

Magnepans - possibly the best selling speakers of all time! How's that for not being "legendary"?

Just wondering.....
Ggavetti, I would replace the Amati's with the Guarneri Hommage's and
add the RTR's and Jantzens. Also special IMO are the original LS35A's and
the MBL's. Many others could also be nominated.