50 ways to leave your lover

So, decades ago a bunch of drummer friends and me — well before the interweb — struggled to figure out this classic drum riff and none of us got close.  Years later I saw a local band play it and I knew right away the drummer had no idea what he was doing and was just mailing it in and it pissed me off because it’s such an integral part of the song.  Right after the “performance” I went home determined to learn how to do it right.  After consulting the Google machine I learned how to do it — it’s not all that hard but it ain’t easy, and the amazing thing is that Gadd even came up with this and how it ultimately ended up defining the song.  The drummers out there will especially appreciate this I think, and I challenge you to learn it because it’s pretty rewarding to be able to play.



Thanks, Soix! Nice point perfectly illustrated by the video. I'm not a drummer but I appreciate this.

51.  --Tiger Woods


And thanks for an interesting post.   As a non-drummer I didn't realize this was challenging.

First, you’re playing it open with the left hand on the high hat, which is uncommon from the get go.  But then there’s the interplay between the left foot, left hand, and the snare and right foot on the bass drum that makes it quite a challenge to learn and it all needs to be precisely in time.  But once you do it just flows like Gadd.  Absolute genius IMHO.  Hard to learn but insane to have ever even been created.  Gadd is, and will always be, a drummer’s drummer.