5k budget - streamer for Technics SU-R1000 ?

I think I have my end game amp and I'm fine with the internal dac for now at least.

currently streaming using a Blue Sound node x upgraded with the new sbooster kit and I'm guessing with 5k to burn it would be best placed into a dedicated streamer

opinions appreciated



The Innuos Pulse would be a great choice, or if you don’t use Roon the best Aurender unit you can afford would also be great.

  • HQplayer embedded on in Intel i7.  I use it on my R1000.  Controlling it is easy just use mconnect on an iPhone. 

research the Moon 280D.  Comes with a DAC which might be an upgrade over the R1000 implementation.   Moon's  Mind 2 streamer is DACless, Save you about $2k for a external DAC