$6 Million Dollar Man?

Hope you saw on HGTV the guy in Redding Ct with a $6 million system. It included $1 million of tube Mac amps, $1 million of speakers and his own dual NASA power supply transformers. The electric bill was $1,000 a month just for the system, which when you think about it was rather inexpensive. We need to get this fellow to put up his system on the 'gon, as it will assign all the rest of us to the hopeless class.
Reminds me of an old saying my Grandpa used to throw around "that boys got more money than sense".Of course he only said it when he was jealous of something he couldn't afford!!
Seen it, here in the forum, musta been so long ago I can't even remember when it was posted. Are you new here ???
Method to his madness & crazy like a fox come to mind with this rig, great marketing tool. You could follow him on facebook, he posts regularly.
yes, but what type of power cords does he use? If the system is $6 million, at least $4 million of that should be going to the power cables.
I heard that system and I thought it sounded a little thin in the midrange.

He might want to add another subwoofer as well to add some foundation to the bass.