$6 Million Dollar Man?

Hope you saw on HGTV the guy in Redding Ct with a $6 million system. It included $1 million of tube Mac amps, $1 million of speakers and his own dual NASA power supply transformers. The electric bill was $1,000 a month just for the system, which when you think about it was rather inexpensive. We need to get this fellow to put up his system on the 'gon, as it will assign all the rest of us to the hopeless class.
It is in the typical American tradition that money can buy the best, when really it is the typically in the execution and refinement. I cannot see how this system would sound much better than "impressive". Shoot, he put a glass table in front of the couch. He really cannot understand/care that much.

Cryro'd circuit breakers and yet speakers pointing at the tube amps?
I'm pretty tolerant of cluttered listening rooms but it would be hard to relax in that room. Plus, it must get up to about a kajillion degrees in there after a while. NASA derived air conditioning?
It is not a typical American tradition, this is complete nonsence. You should see the excesse in Asia and Russia.So leave your bias against America at the door.
As always, the 'goner crowd spotted some simple things in the set up that tells this fellow has a lot of work yet to do. I liked the heat, glass table and speakers blowing on the tubes comments. Well, he is only on his first six million, wait till he spends the next six million.