6000 dollars CD player

 I am planning to buy CD player with out SACD , classical music as main listen ing.  Components are Accuphase C2850. + A47+Harbeth SHL 5 ,40th.  I like reliable, trouble free gear with good CP.
I would seriously consider a brand new release-- the PS Audio Perfectwave SACD player.  Haven't heard it, but they say that it's a big step up from their previous Directstream Memory Player.  It's $6500, but you can trade in old equipment for up to $1950 off the retail price, or $4550.  It is just a transport, you'd need a DAC to connect it to.  They are using a D&M transport mechanism, so if it fails, easy to replace.  If you don't need SACD, I'd take a look at the Jays Audio CDT2 Mk3 (Mk 3 new for 2021) or the Denafrips Avatar.
Sorry-- both PS Audio's new Perfectwave SACD product, and their Directstream Memory product (no longer available new) are TRANSPORTS, not players.  Just wanted to make that clear.  You need a DAC with both transports.  Jays Audio CDT2 Mk3 and the Denafrips Avatar are also both transports, need a DAC as well.  Personally I think that is the way to go.  Buy a transport and buy a separate DAC.  CDT2 Mk3 is $2400 US and the Avatar is $1700 US. 
Denon DCD-A110 at $3K.  I’m running one through a PrimaLuna EVO 400 integrated into Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers and its performance is absolutely sublime.

Agreed- Marantz does have a history of using another manufacturer's drive/laser assembly w/o stocking critical parts for future service needs.

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The Denon A110 does look pretty sweet. Good to read that it is an excellent player.

Happy Listening!