6922 Amperex PQ White label... D or O-getter? Holland or Hicksville?

Much has been written about the Amperex 5922/6D8J/E88CC. What's the concensus about the top choice for the meatiest, richest midrange? 
It's funny, I'm reading the thread and laying on my desk, who knows where I got it from is an Phillips MiniWatt E88CC Special Quality gold pin tube with a D getter, made in Holland.Need to check it out sometime although I don't have any gear that uses the E88CC tube.
Nice looking tube with the gold pins.
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In my system, I found the USA Amperex white label PQ large O-getter 6922 to have richer tonality than the USA Amperex orange label O-getter 7308, but weaker bass. Also, the former has a considerably flatter, less dimensional soundtage than the latter -- everything is more "forward" in presentation. I'd ike to find an iteration that has both saturated tonality and dimensional soundstage with tight palpable bass response. Is that a Siemens cca?