6922 Preamp Tube Recommendations

Any recommendations for in-production 6922 tube that sounds extended, lush, quiet?

I’m going to place them into an Aikido Line Stage Preamp I’m building with high-end components like Duelund Cu coupling caps and tube rectification.

I’m looking for in production tubes, since I already have a matched pair NOS Siemens E88CC. I’m looking for a 6922 that can come somewhat close to the CCa.



Thank you @stereo5 , @petg60 , @rodman99999 , for making excellent suggestions! I’d like to try out the Amperex E88CC and 6N23P-EV. 

rodman99999 no way, i have to check twice what i write.

                                           ONLY TWICE???

                                              Must be nice!