6L6 tubes for midrange horns, any thoughts?

Recommended by Mike at Quicksilver for my new Mini-Mite power amps. Haven't seen much discussion on this tube and I'm new to tube equipment having used SS for many years. Wondering about tube rolling and sound differences later on. Thanks.
I had an Audio Note Soro SE amp that sounded wonderful and used 6L6 tubes. I would not hesitate to give them a try.
Funny you should ask.I was just in a Seattle area dealers today & he had a little Chinese Tube Integrated amp(10 wpc.) that used 6L6 tubes.It was running Usher S-520 speakers with a new Denon BDP-1611 Multi Disc player & had cables that cost two or three times what the amp-speakers & DVD/P cost together(ALL Nordost).The sound from that little sucker was amazing!Everything you want in a music system was there,until you REALLY started pushing the amp then that 10 watts just couldn't keep up.I would imagine the Mini Mites will fair much better.
Horns were made for tubes. I think just about any tube has the edge over SS when paired with horns.