6sn7 and 12sn7 octal preamp for under $5k

Love the sound of octal tubes in preamps (6sn7 & 12sn7). Looking for the best sounding (with phono preferably but not a deal breaker) for the area of $3k-5k new or used does not matter.
Check out the Mystere CA21. Upscale Audio imports these. Dick Olsher had nothing but praise in his review.
Does anyone here have experience with the German made Thoress preamp? (12sn7 based)
The Mystere CA21 has a similar chassis and layout like Melody 101. It looks like a Melody 101 without the regulator tubes.

I have the TRL Dude preamp and a pair of Melody KT88 monoblocks. I am happy with both.