7/7 London

To Audiogon members residing in Britain, particularly in London, my thoughts are with you in the aftermath of yesterday's despicable, horrific events. We must all stand firm in our resolve against the actions of a small group of fanatics intent on causing us fear and harm.
Im with you Mghcanuck, how come there are not more posts on here? It sometimes seems as long as it isnt on our door-step we dont as a nation get outraged, sure we all hate to see these events un-fold, and hate those who hate for no reason (or twisted reasons) but all the same I wonder why no others have started this type thread or even added to this one?
I totally agree with your first sentence,war is hell,especially against suicide bombers and guerillas and people ignorant of common sense regarding our few years we have to live,Bob
An attack like this on anyone is an attack on everyone. We should all be outraged, and I expect most are.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to our British friends. I agree with Wstritt as this is an attack on all of us.
I can sadly say that I've now lived through two terrorist attacks. I was in NY for 9/11, which was and remains a life-changing experience. I'm currently finishing up a dissertation in London, and one bomb went off at the station near my house, and a second one ripped open a bus right near my university. The scary thing is, that a lot of those interviewed on the TV recommended what Ashcroft did after 9/11: resume your normal lives, go shopping, etc.; we can't show the terrorists they've affected us. I'm not trying to open a huge political issue here (but I obviously will be), but maybe we should re-evalue some of what we do. I mean, fumbles like Iraq only prompt further bloodshed. It's good to see we're winning the war on terror, eh George.

What's funny is that I've now been through more combat than he has, and he's leading our army.