8-10k budget suggestions please

Hey guys, 

been out of the game about 10 years, got a new wife, new house, and plugged in my old B&W 804's.  Connected them to a Denon receiver expecting to want to do surround sound.......But forget it!  I really want to maximize my 804's for 2 channel listening.

My room is 15ft long by 13 by 9.  not very big but I need amplification and streaming capabilites.  Will add TT later as I do have vinyl.  Room tx is on it's way so let's just assume it's already done.


Thanks for all your help!


Lumin has great streamers at many price points. I have had the D2, T2, and now X1. You will be in for a treat moving from bluetooth to a dedicated streamer. You could get the U2 mini, which streams only, and does not have an internal DAC.  You would then use the DAC in the Krell.



don’t waste hard earned cash on anything less than separates, and a minimum of 250-300WPC!


take a little more time, build your rat hole stash, and reward yourself.

don’t settle for a 150W receiver, you will clip it!


don’t cheat yourself, you may have to grab a dooney and bourke purse and wallet for the Mrs.. it’s worth it, you get an amazing system, and the wife will allow it because you thought of her first!


WIN.  WIN. !!

It's really a shame how many HT receivers sound really thin and terrible. Anthem and Arcam however are pretty good. Not a fan of Marantz though many here will defend it.

My current setup uses a Luxman integrated with an Anthem MRX receiver and sounds pretty good.

Lol some of the responses are Crazy.  Agree, that HR receivers are thin, also noisy compared to the Krell.  Noise is one of those things you don't know you hear until you don't.

bwguy,  That's what I'm talking about, gonna look for a used U2 right now.  Thank you for your help