8 Time Grammy Award Winner? For Real?

I'm sure everyone out there is sick and tired of my whining. But, I (once again) feel the need to vent.

Today, (Sunday, May 25th) which happened to be a damp, drizzly day in Connecticut, Lisa (my better half) and myself, strolled into FYE in the Danbury Fair Mall. She went her way to DVD movies, and I went mine into "Pop/Rock" CDs. After about 15 minutes or so, Lisa found me at the register with a copy of Norah Jones, "Come Away With Me". As we stood in line, she looked at the CD cover and we discussed my new CD purchase. She noticed that of the 14 songs contained on the CD, only 2 were written by Norah. One song (#13) was a collaborative effort.

We further discussed the fact that many of the best artists use non-original material. But, Lisa did make an intersting comment; "Hmmm, she said. I'm surprised that someone awarded Best New Artist would only have 2 original songs". Again, an interesting observation.

Well, I didn't let that take the wind out of my sails. I just continued looking at that little blue sticker on the front of the CD case stating "8 Time Grammy Award Winner", " Album Of The Year", "Best New Artist", "Song Of The Year". I had never heard the complete album, but I figured, it's gotta be halfway decent.

Upon arriving home I put the CD through my usual ritual (Wash, Cut, Polish and Demagnetize), placed the CD In the Audiomeca and sat back to listen to this exciting new "Grammy" performance.

You're kidding, right? This is it?

O.K.,O.K. Kinda cool voice with a sandy kind of texture, (although, she sounds like she was recorded using a plastic microphone), average piano playing skills (although, on cut #1 the piano sounds like it's under water), and on cut #9, she had an almost Ricki Lee Jones "kind of" quality. Overall, not a bad recording, but I wouldn't put it high on the "sonics" list.

So, this is "today's" Grammy material Huh?

I'm certainly glad I'm not a postal worker skilled in firing automatic weapons, cause I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Has anyone found this "Grammy Award Winner" worthy of it's status?

My opinion? I'd have to concur with the title of the first song,"Don't Know Why".

Clueless, they seem to be the right cables the 99.99% of the time. I found the instruments in the first cut to be a little recessed. Almost like they were playing from behind a down comforter.

Maybe it's partially the cables that are allowing me to hear that level of detail or, non-detail, whatever the case may be.

Some of the other cuts don't display the same characteristics. Although, if you look at the liner notes, you'll notice that several different engineers and producers were used on different cuts.

Could that explain some of the inconsistencies?
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Yea, but Viridian, you have to give credit for the recording quality of Patricia Barber. I actually use one of her albums as a reference (Cafe Blue/Blue Note #7243 5 21810 2 5). The recording quality is superb.

The only thing is, when listening to Patricia, I feel the need to do 8 or 10 shots of Wild Turkey. Ya know, just to put you in the same "frame of mind" as the artist.
Ok so I won't compare her to Ella, but please don't compare her to Joni Mitchell. I don't really like Joni Mitchell, but feel that her talent dwarfs that of Norah Jones, even looking back at what she did at the same age and Joni can paint to boot! The only answer may be to disregard the Grummys and other awards entirely and to wish that Ms Jones has a lot in her yet to develop and materialise.
Marty, I agree with your "Jazz Lite" remarks, 'cept for the word horrible. It 'tis what it 'tis. It's really an oxymoron; "good lite jazz?" Hey, it's a start for some. An ending for others. I started with Boones Farm. It got me to the world of a fine Montrachet. There is hope.
peace, warren