8 Time Grammy Award Winner? For Real?

I'm sure everyone out there is sick and tired of my whining. But, I (once again) feel the need to vent.

Today, (Sunday, May 25th) which happened to be a damp, drizzly day in Connecticut, Lisa (my better half) and myself, strolled into FYE in the Danbury Fair Mall. She went her way to DVD movies, and I went mine into "Pop/Rock" CDs. After about 15 minutes or so, Lisa found me at the register with a copy of Norah Jones, "Come Away With Me". As we stood in line, she looked at the CD cover and we discussed my new CD purchase. She noticed that of the 14 songs contained on the CD, only 2 were written by Norah. One song (#13) was a collaborative effort.

We further discussed the fact that many of the best artists use non-original material. But, Lisa did make an intersting comment; "Hmmm, she said. I'm surprised that someone awarded Best New Artist would only have 2 original songs". Again, an interesting observation.

Well, I didn't let that take the wind out of my sails. I just continued looking at that little blue sticker on the front of the CD case stating "8 Time Grammy Award Winner", " Album Of The Year", "Best New Artist", "Song Of The Year". I had never heard the complete album, but I figured, it's gotta be halfway decent.

Upon arriving home I put the CD through my usual ritual (Wash, Cut, Polish and Demagnetize), placed the CD In the Audiomeca and sat back to listen to this exciting new "Grammy" performance.

You're kidding, right? This is it?

O.K.,O.K. Kinda cool voice with a sandy kind of texture, (although, she sounds like she was recorded using a plastic microphone), average piano playing skills (although, on cut #1 the piano sounds like it's under water), and on cut #9, she had an almost Ricki Lee Jones "kind of" quality. Overall, not a bad recording, but I wouldn't put it high on the "sonics" list.

So, this is "today's" Grammy material Huh?

I'm certainly glad I'm not a postal worker skilled in firing automatic weapons, cause I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Has anyone found this "Grammy Award Winner" worthy of it's status?

My opinion? I'd have to concur with the title of the first song,"Don't Know Why".

Are we forgetting, Ricki's first album, The Magazine, Pirates, and Traffic From Paradise? I feel that Ricki's older material was a little more melodic, very well recorded and slightly more indicative of Ricki's style.
DB, some comments, but first let me say that I just played this cd again, first time for my wife, and she thought it was pretty interesting and enjoyable. She thinks Diana Krall performs elevator music, has a very good ear and knows a lot about music, plus she married me a very long time ago, so I've always thought she was exceptionally perceptive.

Your first series of numbers:

1. It isn't bad, except in spots. I don't really have any way to compare it to other modern pop recordings.

2. TAS says the same thing.

3. I am in general agreement, and I find it interesting that someone who starts a thread dissing a very popular and critically well received recording then takes offense at a criticism of the systen on which he evaluates the recording. In fairness to Buscis2, maybe the sofa absorbs some nasties emanating from the speakers, and the configuration of his furniture and all the bouncing soundwaves all result in an accurate response at the listening chair. It could happen.

Your second series of numbers:

Actually, I have nothing to add, but w/re to the number of Grammys she got, I think it's amazing that anything half way decent gets any Grammys at all.

Your final comments: I agree that the voice is pretty well recorded and the album does grow on you.

For a popular recording, a big seller, this cd/lp is pretty refreshing. Instead of criticizing it, people should be rejoicing that something listenable has done this well in the market.

Paulwp, let's clarify several comments in your last response, shall we?

Terminology; please define 'dissing". Because quite frankly, it is a very general term. As I look back through the responses to this thread, I see very few people "dissing" Norah's efforts.

To the contrary, I found most everyone to be quite receptive to this new release within reason. My original intent was not to "diss" anyone. Nor do I feel it was the intent of anyone who responded to this thread. I feel that the majority of the focus was the questionable Grammy and musical standards. That was MY bone of contention, not anyone else's until, of course, people started responding to this thread.

TAS says the same thing? About what? If your thinking of the same TAS that I'm thinking of..... I personally respect the opinions of many sources, but I don't use any single one as "the benchmark". And as I have said in the past; I'm not asking anyone to agree with my opinion, I simply ask that they respect my opinion. Hence, the concept behind a forum.

Taking offense? The only time I take offense to things said, is when they are hollow statements that are said with no basis. Let's try a different approach;

Gee Ed, I noticed a somewhat different approach to your system setup. Is that L.H. speaker at first reflection? Did you calculate your room nodes? Is that 5/8" sheetrock with sound deadening insulation? Are those 15' ceilings? Is the dispersion range of the speakers in FRONT of the couch? Is your listening chair 4 feet from the opposing walls? Are you running triangulated or cross axial?

And does Norah's album sound the same in my listening environment as your listening environment? Probably not. Your friends listening environment? Probably not.

You see? Now someone can make a more informed, intellegent statement. It's an age old concept, engage your brain BEFORE putting your mouth in drive.

In closing Paul, if certain individuals become that easily offended by opinions rendered in this forum, they should not be here. If open exchanges of ideas become too stressful, they should find somewhere else to go. But if people are going to participate in this forum or any other forum, they should keep in mind, it is an OPEN EXCHANGE of ideas. That means you must approach it with an OPEN MIND.
Busic2, how can you possible say the intent in your original post was not to disrespect Norah Jones? The entire post is a put down of the record. Maybe you should reread your post. But then again, you did admit you were whining.
Hmm, I thought it was clear from the structure of my response, but in the first point "2" of the message to which I responded, DB said the lp is better than the cd. I have no idea if that's true, or care, but just to be friendly I thought I'd point out that a review I just read in TAS agreed with him on that point. Not something worth having an extended discussion about, really.